My First Blog


My name is Sheila and I’m a sewaholic. Sewing is very much my happy place in this world. I am a mother of four living in rural SE KS and attempting to run a home based sewing business. It’s called “Dresses (and More) by Sheila” and focuses mainly on clothing for children (boys and girls) as well as the occasional cloth diaper. It’s slow, but getting better. I have discovered a love of testing new sewing patterns for designers as well. I find it nothing short of amazing to be able to watch a pattern come to life and to be a part of the process of perfecting it before it’s release to the general public. I apply for almost as many as I can find and have time for in between the orders I get. You can be sure I will be posting my thoughts/review/pictures here as I get them done and am given permission to. I will also take pictures and blog about other things in my sewing life that excite me (which is almost everything).

I’ve gotta be honest. I’ve tried blogging before… it never works out. I get bored, I quit writing, I move on. I never got the point. Until recently.

I’ve figured out if you’re going to blog, it needs to be about something you LOVE, something you are passionate about and aren’t going to ‘grow out of’. For me, that thing is sewing/creating. I love it, it calms me, it makes me happy. And there are an infinite number of things out there to make that I haven’t even SEEN yet. The thought excites me to no end.

I hope you will join me on this journey. Because I look forward to having you with me while I ‘adventure’ on in my sewing career! 😉



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