The RaglanVee!!!

I recently had the immense pleasure of testing the RaglanVee tshirt by A Sparkly Baby. I am totally in LOVE with this shirt and have plans to make MANY of them for my kids and (hopefully) customers as well. The design is adorable and I LOVE the fact that it is unisex!

KRaglanVee tree


One of the other awesome things about it is the endless possibilities that exist for playing with colors and patterns. My younger son wanted green and zigzags, but a solid collar. So easy!

KRaglanVee soccer pose


While my older son preferred just purple with his soccer theme, being a big KState fan.

RaglanVee log

I made one for my daughter as well with a center panel of woven (non-stretchy) patriotic fabric with solid black for all the rest. I keep thinking I want to make a totally crazy one with every piece a different color or design… and I might do it still. It also has an option to add a circle skirt to the bottom for lots of twirling fun! I haven’t made on like that yet, but you know I will. ūüėČ

So, long story short, if you sew like I do, this pattern will be a GREAT staple to fill out a wardrobe with cute and super comfortable shirts for your little one! You can find her shop here:  (And she has more amazing pattern in the works, too! Squee!!! )


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