E+M Pattern Boys Shirt No. 7 is a HIT!!!

It is rare to see tests called for boys patterns. It is even more rare to find a pattern for a boys woven (not a knit tshirt type) shirt that DOESN’T button down the front. Rarer still? Something cute and different that a boy will actually WEAR. Allison knocked it out of the park with this one!

boysno7front       boysno7back       boysno7walking


This is my older son in my test version of this pattern. It comes in full of 3/4 sleeve lengths, with TONS of possibilities to play with prints and colors between the pieces. And the details… I LOVE the details!

boysno7pocket       boysno7shoulder       boysno7sidesplit

He absolutely LOVES it. He did some playing in it and said it was comfortable and moved well with him. I can also see this style being nice for school. And even church or special occasions in solid more formal colors (or even all on solid color). But the playability in it was huge. If he can’t move in it, he won’t wear it. So this was great!

boysno7picnictable       boysno7dog1       boysno7running       boysno7logpile       boysno7swing

He even got a couple of goofy ‘jump shots’ in that he INSISTED on to make sure he could lol

boysno7jump1       boysno7jump2

And then there was the tree climbing…

boysno7tree2       boysno7tree1       boysno7tree3

Overall, it was a fairly simple sew, although a tad time consuming with the detail work, but in my opinion TOTALLY worth it. I already have requests from him for a couple more and my younger son wants his own as well, so I figure it won’t be long until I’m a pro at it!

The pattern will be live and available for sale by the end of the week, so be on the lookout! You’re sure to see TONS of these around this fall! Here’s the link to the shop where you will be able to find it:



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