Bella Sunshine Designs Alice Sew Along Fun!

This week I spent the week running a sew along for the adorable Alice Dress by Bella Sunshine Designs, and it was some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time! You can access the blog here and follow along yourself if you’d like. The dress really is quite darling, and done correctly, looks VERY professional. I’ve already gotten several questions of where I bought it! And that’s a high compliment!

I learned a few things in the making of this dress this week. One was to have more patience. Anything worth doing is worth taking your time on. Like understitching. Not often employed in PDF patterns, but it gives such a lovely finish and the finishes are one of the many reasons I adore Bella Sunshine so much! Between that and the ironing, that takes up a good chunk of the construction time on this dress, but so worth it!


I love all the little details that really “make” this dress. From the peter pan collar to the understitching to the cap sleeves, even the bodice alone is darling.


Then when you add in the box pleats with the skirt… My breath was just taken from me…


One of my biggest challenges, however, was the invisible zipper… It was by far the scariest part of this pattern for me. Luckily, BSD does an amazing job of explaining and providing very clear illustrations each step of the way and I got it right on my first try with no seam ripping required! Awesome, right?


The other big thing I learned with his dress was how to do a blind hem. With as long as I’ve been sewing, it’s almost shocking that I’d never done one. And it wasn’t as hard as I was always afraid of. At the end of the week, I ended up with this stunning little dress that my daughter absolutely adores (did I mention it has pockets???).


And really, isn’t she beautiful in it? You can tell she feels pretty!


You can still get Alice on sale through the 6th for only $6 with coupon code AliceSAL if you’d like to make one of these beauties for yourself!

Join me next week where I’ll share my next project or two with you… Stuffies! One of my new obsessions! Look forward to seeing you then!


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