Stuffies~ A New Obsession

I have loved stuffed animals since I was young. But, honestly, what young child DOESN’T love a soft squishy friend? The difference with me is that I never outgrew that love. A couple years ago, when I was fairly new-ish back into sewing I tried to make one. And while it wasn’t a complete disaster, I wasn’t really happy with it. Luckily for me, my young daughter didn’t care and still plays with it today.

Fast forward a couple of years and the bug bit again. Fate smiled on me when a friend mentioned a sale on a site called Makerist and I visited… SOOO many stuffy patterns (along with clothing, crochet, knit… they have it all)! I bought several, printed one and set to work. I was again, not elated, but it was worlds better than my first attempt and seemed sturdy enough. My first foray back into stuffy making was a hippocampus (or mer-pony, as my daughter calls it)


I kept playing. Then I got this dragon pattern. And it was just SO cute! I had to try it. So I cut it all out.


And sewed it together. It took a little time, but I was actually pretty pleased with the end result.


Meet Princess. She was confiscated and named by Miss 3 straight off the machine. She carries her everywhere and it really makes me very happy and proud to be able to say I made her.

With Princess complete and accepted, I dove back in and made a few more small things before I started selling them, trying to perfect the art. Now, I’m not saying I’m perfect (far from it, really), but I am confident that my creations are well constructed and sturdy  enough for play. They’ve been put through pretty rough and rigorous testing in my home. Haha.

My most recent creations were a little black dragon you might recognize and a septopus (7 legged) for a customer who gave me the specifications. As with all of my recent sews, I start with the faces.


The dragon was a special guy. He started with the same pattern that Princess was made from, but I created some modifications to suit him to what my customer was looking for. What I love about these patterns that I’ve discovered is that the faces are all sewn on. No hard pieces or snap in eyes, which makes them perfectly safe for children of ALL ages, no choking hazards! And they have always turned out so ridiculously adorable!

There will be MANY more stuffies made in my future. I know this. I actually have an elephant and a purple octopus that need to be made. And many more patterns yet untried. And many more yet to buy, so keep watching, because I am quite sure this will not be my last stuffy share.

For any interested, you can see all of my creations here as I post them to my Facebook page. And if you are interested in making your own, all of the critters I’ve shared here today were made from Choly Knight patterns, which I have found to be amazing and easy to follow with phenomenal results, so check them out! And join me next week for more sewing fun!


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